Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skin and Candy Commercial

Any now here it is, our newest Video......

Check out the Debut of  One Way Magazine's

Skin and Candy Video

Skin and Candy from Oneway Magazine on Vimeo.

This will be our commercial and face for Skin and Candy, which will be featured in the magazine. Skin and Candy will enlighten you on make-up How To's, Skin Care, and anything that would have to do with either. Now enjoy.... some skin and candy

Model: Kelli Robinson
Video: Apollo Stackwell
Makeup/ Set Director: Johnny Rendon
Hair: Brandi Lisenbe

- " It was such a pleasure working with Kelli, she has a certain charm, and sex appeal that will definitely make people want to watch her even put makeup on! The video-shoot was amazing, big thanks to Apollo Stackwell and Brandi Lisenbe."

Johnny Rendon

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